From madcap adventures, eerie threats
and alien invaders, Holly’s tale will amuse  and entertain any reader.

​​When Holly Atwood’s family relocates to a new town, an eerie mystery awaits them. As they settle into their temporary home – a grey stone castle, overlooking the Mississippi River – the first of many mysterious encounters begin, prompting Holly to want to investigate the old property and the secrecy behind the parts of the home that have been sealed off for more than 100 years. 

With a mix of suspense, slapstick comedy and sci-fi adventure, Holly’s story speaks to the tenets of bravery, loyalty, friendship and laugh-out-loud adventure.

Dreaming of a normal life, Hailee Tupper finds herself in a world more amazing and unbelievable than she ever imagined. After rescuing a young tiger cub, Hailee suspects her new furry friend may have killed the person who discovered their makeshift cave home. 

Afraid for her life, Hailee flees the cave and finds herself as a stowaway on the ship of Captain Baker and his crew. But it is here, in the angry snarl of the ocean’s grip, that Hailee’s life changes forever. For a beast lives somewhere in the deep, and if she is not careful, Hailee may suffer the same fate as the doomed crew…

With the help of the beast, Hailee embarks on an incredible adventure of faith, miracles, and destiny. Join Hailee as she discovers a peculiar and enchanting land where anything might happen, and often does, as she journeys to uncover her ultimate destiny. With a single flash of light, Hailee’s entire world will change, and her story will be a whale of a tale... 

A Fun, Interactive Children Picture Book Series that Teaches Virtues!

Tall Tales, The Karate Shepherd, Stand Tall, Book 1, teaches children values like courage and teamwork.

When the shepherd falls ill, a special order sheep from Japan, trained in the martial arts, arrives just in nick of time. Later, when the sheep's leader gets captured by wolves, the flock bands together to try and rescue their fearless leader.

Popcorn City, Book 2 in the Tall Tale Series teaches children values like
​redemption, self-control and forgiveness

Mr. Hogtie and his son travel to a magical place called Popcorn City, populated by 100 sheep. During this faced paced, funny adventure story, three baby sheep, Mary, Peggy and Daisy, are constantly getting lost and in need for the reader to play the part of good shepherds to help find them during this exciting popcorn adventure that will get both children and parents laughing out loud.